Genitive Prepositions

As mentioned in Section II.4, the slow death of the genitive extends to prepositions. You may hear some of the following genitive prepositions used with the dative case instead. We've noted a few where the dative is especially common.

Sample usage and notes
(an)statt instead of  
Statt der erwarteten Beförderung bekam er die Kündigung.
Instead of the expected promotion, he was let go.
abzüglich less, minus  
abzüglich der Unkosten...
after expenses...
angesichts in view of, given  
Angesichts der Tatsache, dass…
In view of the fact that…
außerhalb outside of  
außerhalb der Stadt
outside the city
bar devoid of, barring any  
Bar jeder Vernunft
(famous cabaret in Berlin)
"against all reason"
bezüglich (bzgl.) concerning, regarding,
with respect to
bezüglich unseres Telefonats
regarding our phone conversation
binnen within [a time period]  
binnen einer Woche
within a/one week
dank thanks to  
dank Ihrer Hilfe...
thanks to your help...

[also frequently used in the dative]
einschließlich including  
einschließlich aller Kosten
all expenses included
infolge due to, because of  
infolge einer schweren Erkrankung
due to a serious illness
inmitten in the middle/midst of  
inmitten der Menge
in the middle of the crowd
innerhalb inside of  
innerhalb eines kleinen Kreises
within a small circle [of people]
mangels for lack of (esp. legal)  
Das Verfahren war mangels Beweisen eingestellt.
The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.
mittels by means of (esp. technical)  
mittels eines Schraubenziehers... [assembly instructions]
using a screwdriver... 
oberhalb above, beyond
oberhalb des Gefrierpunktes
above the freezing point
unbeschadet notwithstanding  
unbeschadet des zuvor Gesagten...
despite/notwithstanding what was just said...

unbeschadet dessen, dass...
notwithstanding the fact that...
ungeachtet in spite of  
Ungeachtet der Drohungen des Irans will Deutschland Sanktionen.
In spite of Iran's threats, Germany wants sanctions.
unterhalb below, underneath  
unterhalb der Armutsgrenze
below the poverty line
unweit not far from  
unweit des Hotels
not far from the hotel
zugunsten in favor of,
in the interests of
zugunsten meines Mandanten
[note weak noun]
in the interest of my client
trotz despite  
trotz des schlechten Wetters [GEN]
trotz dem schlechten Wetter [DAT]
despite the bad weather

[Native speakers disagree about whether the correct usage of "trotz" is genitive or dative. This is partly a North/South thing and partly a function of how it sounds with different nouns. We had to put it somewhere, but you can absolutely use it either way.]
während during  
Während des Semesters gelten folgende Sprechstunden...
During the semester the following office hours apply...
wegen because of  
wegen Krankheit geschlossen
closed due to illness

[Like "dank" and "trotz" this is very commonly used in the dative.]